Welcome to the Video-guide "3000 footsteps to the King's Garden"!

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Visit the Royal Parc of la Garenne and the King's Garden

photo 3000 pas fond ecran CopierHello and welcome. Let's go for a walk back into the past and explore the Royal Park of the Garenne and the XVIth century Gardens of the King. Your walk will take you about an hour and a half.

At the end of each part, a bonus point introduces the comments of an "expert " who is there to shed more light on a particular subject.
Ready to go? We're off!

Title : 3000 pas vers les jardins du roi – Visite du parc royal de la Garenne et des jardins du roi
Départure : fourecourt of the Château Henri IV in Nérac
Elevation : 45 mètres
Distance : 2,5 Km
Duration : 1h30
Color / marker beacon : signage interpretation


By starting your visit on the forecourt of the castle, you go to meet an iconic heritage and walk in the footsteps of the young Henry of Navarre, the future Henry IV. This route along the Baise consists of 6 points of interest enriched through signage, videos and expert testimony.

Follow the visit :

  • Point 1 : Henry of Navarre in Nérac
  • Point 2 : The paths of the three thousand footsteps
  • Point 3 : Foutains and stories
  • Point 4 : About the Fountain of The Dauphin during the Belle Epoque
  • Point 5 : The Baïse along the towpath
  • Point 6 : The King's Garden (Le Jardin du Roi)